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Bee Triangle 

The Final Planting


We are delighted to see the final addition.  The pleached planting in the Bee Triangle on the corner of Ebury Street and Semley 

Place has now been installed.


Bees and other creatures have already been spotted enjoying this small haven of tranquility.  We look forward to seeing bees, butterflies and bugs making a return buzz to Belgravia in the  Spring of 2016.


Maria Bower, committee member who helped realise the project, thanked  Grosvenor on behalf of the Residents for instigating

this lovely initiative.


Conservation watch /news – September 2015


Buzz.. Buzz .. Buzz .. to Belgravia Bee Triangle

A fantastic initiative has come to light and the Belgravia Society is delighted to announce the Bee Triangle on the corner

of Semley Place and Ebury Street


Big thanks to Maria Bower who is one of our Belgravia Society Executive Committee Members, for pushing hard to have this scheme realised.  Well done Maria and Shirley!


We know this has been a long journey for Maria and fellow campaigner Shirley Abicair, in their negotiations with Grosvenor.  They have been working with those involved ever since Berkeley Group started implementing their Ebury Gardens scheme in Semley Place.  The Ebury Square development commenced way back in 2010.

The illustration above is indicative of what colours will look like in the ‘Bee Triangle’ when in flower. The flowering period will start from April and hopefully last until October each year.


Take a look at the exciting Bee Triangle, Insect house, trees and plants used for attracting wild life and bugs, bees and butterflies! 

Below is an example of an Insect house and pleached planting.  These are not necessarily the exact ones that have been included in the project.


Example of flowering plants in the Bee Triangle below

We hope you have been inspired to plant in your own spaces / gardens in new and holistic ways, or to see what needs a little tender loving care (TLC).  We are always delighted to hear your views on any of our articles.  Remember; think Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation when planting.


Also, please let us know if you have an unloved corner in your part of Belgravia needing revitalisation and we will be delighted to take this into consideration and draw it to the attention of the ‘powers that be’.

 Please contact

Belgravia Society Conservation Team at