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Thinking about next Spring and Summer 2016

We are currently in talks with a local florist to recreate a buzz in Belgravia next Summer with scented bee friendly plants for window boxes, planters and terraces.  Our idea is to encourage residents and businesses to create sustainable and nature loving floral displays and to promote a healthy, friendly environment for bees, bugs and butterflies. We want Belgravia to be in the Zone when it comes to sustainability, preservation, biodiversity in Nature.  

 The Bees (and Butterflies) are now hibernating so we hope they have a good rest and look forward to seeing them in the spring of 2016!

 When Spring arrives in 2016, the first person to submit the first Bee or Butterfly they see in the Spring to our gallery and you win a cup of coffee from Fratelli just around the corner from the Bee Triangle in Ebury Street.  Send your name, and email address to conservation@belgraviasociety.org together with your picture and we will add to the gallery, even if you don't win... we are always pleased to see any activity of the bee / bug / butterfly kind in & around Belgravia

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