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 April 4th 2015


*Photos supplied by Mary Regnier-Leigh

 Forthcoming major developments in Belgravia

(including 1-5 Grosvenor Place)

 Will the project be conducive to wildlife and how?

 When I asked a question recently about whether the development would be conducive to wild life, we received a very positive response, which was good news.  Westminster and Grosvenor have strict environmental policies, so all that remains are for projects such as the above to work within the parameters of these policies.


Macintosh HD:Users:saraoliver:Pictures:iPhoto Library.photolibrary:Masters:2015:04:05:20150405-170824:45 St James's Park 170406.jpgJust over 300 years ago, the area of Belgravia and Hyde Park Corner was rural.  Today it is a busy metropolis with no sign of abating.  It is no wonder wildlife in Britain is in decline.  Habitat is constantly being eroded by humanity and there is a lack of space for other species to thrive.   Ever more people leads to increasing housing and development; decreases the amount of personal space they have and affects their perceived quality of life. Their sense of wellbeing depends to some extent on: having enough space; having access to green areas; being able to move from one place to another with ease; and having times of tranquility.


The 1-5 Grosvenor Place Project has a unique opportunity to lead the way in restoring quality of life, not just for the people who live, work and visit this landmark area, but to contribute, address and actively preserve habitats and ecosystems around the world.  The Hotel Group prides itself on its policy of prestige, luxury and blending with the local life, through its Hotels worldwide.  This should surely mean quality of life and personal space is essential for the well being of all species — including our own.  Working on local and national levels, raising awareness and helping to promote policy change should make conglomerates such as the luxury hotel group (HKSH) become one of the leading lights in the reversal of climate change, promoting conservation and tackling global warming.

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Photos supplied by Mary Regnier-Leigh

Some holistic suggestions:


·       Locate as many services and amenities underground and away from residents / tourists and wild life to free up extra above ground space


·       The value of biodiversity is in both the range of species and the genetic differences within species, therefore continually work towards this end

Insects for example play an essential role in pollinating food crops


·       Create beautiful and practical bug hotels.  Cadogan Gardens Gardener Ric Glenn and his Team have just installed a community V.I. P. Mini Beasts hotel in conjunction with several top contractors 


·       A wonderful initiative see link and read all about it in the

Sloane Square Magazine on page 30,  “A bug’s Life” here




·       Create Butterfly zones / Butterfly conservation



·       UK Butterflies - http://www.ukbutterflies.co.uk/index.php


·        Habitats - wildlife such as planting / permeable surfaces 

·       Self binding gravels - http://www.bredon-special-aggregates.co.uk


·       Golden Amber gravels - http://www.breedon-special-aggregates.co.uk/breedon-golden-amber-gravel


·       Westminster Environmental Policy http://transact.westminster.gov.uk/docstores/publications_store/Environment_Policy_2007.pdf


 Grosvenor Sustainability - Long term outlook - http://www.grosvenor.com/about-grosvenor/sustainability/


·       Bibliography - Population Matters - http://populationmatters.org/issues-solutions/environment/


For further information on how you can contribute to conservation matters please contact conservation@belgraviasociety.org


From the Conservation Team at the Belgravia Society

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