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Ebury Street

 The original word for Ebury was “Eia” which is mentioned in the Doomsday Book.


Mozart lived there in 1764. Other notable residents of the street included Ian Fleming, Vita Sackville West, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Dame Edith Evans, George Moore and Lord Halifax.


In the 16th and 17th centuries the Manor of Ebury or Five Fields was divided up and leased by the Crown to servants or favourites. In 1623 James 1 sold the freehold of Ebury for £1,151 and 15 shillings until it came into the hands of heiress Mary Davies in 1666. In retrospect not a good deal for the Crown. At that time if you had an income of £1,000 pa or more, the King would ask you for £1,000 and in return you would receive a “ Baronetcy”.  A number of families did this being the first rung on the aristocratic ladder.


Sir Richard Grosvenor the first baronet was created in 1622.