The Belgravia Society

Belgravia Statues at Night

  Belgravia residents have access to a number of local statues and sculptures, most of which are viewable from the street. There are however some which are hidden or only visible within the private parks and gardens of Belgravia.

 Being one of the two keen amateur photographers on The Belgravia Society Committee, I have decided to photograph the statues and sculptures within Belgravia. However, as images of most are already easily available on the internet. I have chosen the extra challenge of photographing them from the street, at night and without a flashgun. This page will be updated when each new photograph is taken
Alan Cook

Simón Bolívar

by Hugo Daini


Statue unveiled in 1974 by James Callaghan.

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

South East Belgrave Square.

Christopher Columbus

by Tomas Bañuelos


Statue unveiled in 1992

South West Belgrave Square.

Infante Dom Henrique de Avis, Duke of Viseu

AKA - Henry the Navigator

by Simões de Almeida


Statue unveiled in 2002

North West Belgrave Square.

Don Jose de San Martin

by Juan Carlos Ferraro

Statue unveiled in 1994

North East Belgrave Square.