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 Bee Triangle Planting

September 2015 Update

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Bee Triangle taken by Mary Regnier-Leigh in late August before the bug hotel was installed

                                  Something is a foot!  There has been planting in the triangle; already things are starting to take shape. We look forward to the next stage on this lovely corner.  


       Bee Triangle taken by Maria Bower with new Bug Hotel installed

We would be delighted if you could submit photos of the Bee Triangle as it progresses and we will publish on

Our flickr gallery and newsletters. We are eager to show the site as it is now and how it will look, once the project is complete. Unfortunately, a coach crashed into the railings and so the triangle is presently not looking the best. But it will be repaired soon no doubt.  


To add your photographs to the site if you are already a flickr member then please go here




to upload your images.  Otherwise, contact us and we can upload for you, or register with Flickr and follow the instructions to join the Birds / Bats / Butterfly /Bees group.  You can also view the images or upload imaged in the gallery here




to watch the bee triangle as it progresses. 

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Bee Triangle by Caroline Oliver taken 1 September 2015 with the new bug hotel installed

Thank you Mary, Maria and Caroline for your excellent contributions this month.