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Disruption by contractors.

The Party Wall Act was originally created to deal with low value disputes and did not envisage the multimillion pound developments that are now common place in central London.

 This global city attracts so much investment  that  this type of progress will be hard to curtail. However much can be done to control and limit the disruption that large building sites create for neighbouring homes.

 The Belgravia Society will be asking Nigel Hughes of  Grosvenor and Councillors Rachael Robathan and Tony Devenish to work with them  towards a common goal to reduce such problems. Both Grosvenor and Westminster are becoming more aware of the problems as residents report similar concerns. Many problems are so easy to eliminate. Westminster enforcement officers now strictly monitor builders’ work times. Out of hours work is not permitted and enforcement notices are issued. Previously contractors attempted to extend their working days, often before 8am in the morning with noisy deliveries or after the 6pm evening deadline.

Westminster’s permitted working hours are:

Monday to Friday   8am until 6pm
Saturdays              8am until 1pm
Sundays                 not permitted.

Breaches should be reported to the 24/7 Westminster noise team on 0207  641 2000.

 Ravi Kumar is extremely diligent in ensuring that the pavements remain a safe place. He warns and fines contractors who persist in using welding gear on footpaths. The cutting of tiles on the pavement is also not acceptable as this is dangerous for pedestrians.

 Traffic wardens now monitor much more closely suspension bays to ensure they are correctly used and that suspension notices are more speedily removed.

 Pavements and roads suffer terrible abuse from endless lorries and equipment being placed on them. Westminster employees encourage contractors either to repair the damage they have caused or charge firms for remedial work.

 The Belgravia Society is working with Westminster and Grosvenor to implement still further procedures to reduce the distress caused to locals.

 The Society would like to hear from residents with their comments about problems they are experiencing or any suggestions they have for practical solutions. Please contact our information line so that we may collate and forward your comments to the appropriate authorities. Info@BelgraviaSociety.org.

 We need to work together to prevent bad building practices, especially as it does appear to be the same few offending firms who cause the greatest disruption.