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 September 30, 2015

 Out and About Belgravia ..

By Sara Oliver

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On a mild autumn evening of 23rd, September, I attended a glamorous Private View of Douglas Kirkland's Iconic Portraits featured at RANSOM Gallery on Pimlico Road.  


As I walked the red carpet cordoned off from the public and flanked by burning torches at the entrance, I knew that this was going to be something special.  The champagne flowed and I felt I was rubbing shoulders with wonderous beings albeit they were all in frames hanging on walls! but never the less they had come alive at this wonderful event.  It was all made possible by the legendary talent of a photographer to the stars in a fabulous gallery based on the borders Belgravia and Chelsea.


Douglas Kirkland is a prominent Canadian photographer to the rich and famous, based in the United States.  He was staff reporter for LOOK magazine when his career took off in his early twenties.  He was on assignment to photograph the most famous woman in the world in 1961, Marilyn Monroe.  The story went that he wanted to shoot in his words, "some hot pictures'" of the superstar.  Marilyn insisted the perfect atmosphere had to be . . white satin sheets, Frank Sinatra records playing in the background and plenty of Dom Perignon Champagne . . the rest is history.  Her amazingly beautiful and natural photographs were present on the evening and took pride of place in the gallery.  There were many other iconic photographs of glamorous people and they included Coco Chanel, Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Audrey Hepburn and Michael Caine, Robert Mitcham and John Wayne.  Other more recent famous stars were Nicol Kidman, Angelina Jolie doing her rendition of Marilyn Monroe, Pierce Brosnan, Ewan Mc Gregor Renee Zellweger and Brooke Shields.


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