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 The Police have done outstanding work saving vulnerable members of the public and especially preventing young children from coming to harm in high risk situations.  Two recent cases below illustrate the quick and bold responses of our admirable Police Teams.

 Police were called to the aid of a missing nine year old, suffering autism in Hyde Park, near the Diana Memorial Play Ground. A swift response from Response Team E and the Royal Parks, by infiltrating the area in and around the last known location. After a thorough and detailed search, they traced the child hiding near another playground close to Kensington Gardens.


 A PC from the Impact Team was alerted to a very young child that was in the company of intoxicated, homeless men.  A PC found the little girl with her drunken uncle and clearly at risk. The child was quickly taken into custody and the uncle was arrested. Certainly, the benefits of having highly visible officers on the streets have paid off.


 What’s cool Police news...

 More cool and commendable feats the Police have managed to conjure up for the safety of our Society !

 A case of unrequited love, whereby following a dinner date an amorous admirer sent the object of his desire 244 text messages in one day which got progressively offensive as she ignored him, until he turned up at her work and assaulted her. He was given an indefinite Restraining Order and Fine of £200.


 One day in July 2015, Police were called in the early hours of the morning, to Porchester Square, W2 by an anxious resident who awoke to find a man standing over her bed wearing scanty ladies attire. The woman managed to drive him out of the room and then called 999. A PC and her colleague arrived promptly on the scene and together with gathered evidence, arrested the man.  Careful case handling and follow up investigation by CID ensured this dangerous sexual predator was charged with Trespass with intent to commit a sexual act and remanded to HMP Wandsworth.


The Commissioner received outstanding praise from West Midlands Police concerning the case of an infant at high risk.  The CW officers’ outstanding work involved the recovery of a poor child who had suffered a fractured skull and was taken into care.  However, the parents later abducted the infant and  travelled to London.  West Midlands Police arrived in London but were unable to carry out the high number of checks and enquiries.  The CW officers conducted an extensive search of houses and hotels in the area, when the child was finally discovered and removed to safety. The parents were arrested; thus an exceptional response by response team.

 Three officers attended a call to a man wanted by police for 'theft of a motor vehicle' and 'Recall to prison' - Terry SMYLIE attempted to flee, was chased and arrested; one of three proactive arrests that wiped the ‘smile’ of his face!