Belgravia Society News

Recycling and refuse collection.

 Belgravia is a unique area of outstanding beauty and breathtaking architecture. Its residents are proud to maintain high standards however one of the greatest failures is in fact created by the residents themselves.

 Refuse and recycling schedules are carefully co-ordinated by Westminster to reduce the time that items are left on the pavement. This means that wildlife have less opportunity to open the bags and the wind does not cause havoc by blowing them along the street.

 However this system only works if we all place our refuse and recycling bags on the pavement at the allocated  time.

 If housekeepers and agents are simply left to discard rubbish according to their cleaning days, then often bags appear on the street several days BEFORE the collection day for their street.

 Refuse and recycling bags become damaged and their contents are distributed along the pavement creating an unsightly mess.

 Westminster now leave notification stickers on items that are abandoned too early. If residents persist in these anti social practices they may also issue fines