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Burst water main comes to Belgravia!

 For those of us who looked out of our windows on 8th February, what they saw was more like Venice than Belgravia. A water main had burst at the junction of Lower Belgrave Street and Ebury Street. The first on the scene were the Police to manage the traffic, followed by the Fire Brigade, water authority and the Council. Although the water could be seen bubbling up, some was actually flowing underground and flushing away the soil below ground. This brought up sand to the surface and created voids below the surface. The lake expanded and water flowed down to Buckingham Palace Road at its worst.

 Work continued into the night to stem the flow.

 The whole junction was closed. The repairs took longer than would have been usual, because of the need to shore up the surface and the sides of the working trenches to allow work to proceed safely. Gradually, as the work progressed, the junction was opened up. First access was given from Buckingham Palace Road along Lower Belgrave Street to Ebury Street.

 It was 10 days before normality was restored and the whole junction opened up. They also restored the area to a very high standard. The public services can be congratulated for the speedy response and the excellent work. They have earned it.

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