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1 – 5 Grosvenor Place – July & August Updates

The Caledonian Club
9A Halkin Street

 A drop in exhibition is being held at The Caledonian Club on the following dates to view the latest proposals submitted to Westminster.

 All are welcome: 

Thursday 23rd July 2015



Saturday 25th July 2015



Monday 27th July 2015


 A planning application has been submitted by One GP LLP (a joint venture between Grosvenor and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited) to Westminster City Council for the redevelopment of 1-5 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia.  An exhibition followed on at the Caledonian Club in July to see the proposals that were submitted.


Quick Facts

·                    Mixed use development accommodated in a single building arranged around a central courtyard

·                    Eight upper floors plus lower ground, ground, roof-top plant & basements Hotel comprising up to 190 guest rooms, restaurants/bars, ballroom, function rooms and hotel leisure/spa facilities

·                    24 to 28 residential apartments with ancillary residential leisure and amenity facilities

·                    Off-site affordable housing proposed in Belgravia 

1 – 5 Grosvenor Place


13th – 18th May


View the exhibition boards here

1-5 Grosvenor Place consultation exhibition (Boards featured above) was the second in a series of events presenting the evolution of the design proposals. The consultation took place prior to the submission of a planning application to Westminster City Council, anticipated to be early summer 2015.  

Feedback on all aspects of the scheme so far has been very positive. If you have any comments on the exhibition then please do complete a feedback form here to let Soundings know your views.  

You can view the boards by clicking on the above link


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An exciting project is planned at Hyde Park corner as a joint venture between Hong Kong Shanghai Group and Grosvenor.  The building will consist of a prestigious and grand Peninsular Hotel, retail businesses and apartments surrounding a central Italianate courtyard.  There will be 40% residence and the remaining for the hotel complex.  The objective is to create a new landmark for London. 


Consultations are currently taking place on behalf of the Joint Venture Holders and the Community Liaison Group, made up of the local community and the Belgravia Society is of course, participating. 


Ongoing discussions include:


·       Height, mass, appearance of buildings from different perspectives and how much natural light will be compromised

·       Amenities and where they should be housed away from residents, hotel guests, businesses and tourists

·       Traffic flow and deliveries and how best to minimise disruption both during construction and once built.  This includes inside and outside of the development

·       Ecological impact, conservation, flora and fauna.  A roof terrace as a habitat to attract wildlife has been mooted as well as taking into account greenery, trees and other ecological initiatives

·       Parking and resident’s bays – provisions for replacing seventeen suspended residents’ bays around the area

·       Retail impact on nearby Motcomb and Kinnerton Streets


Regular Exhibitions to view the project at various stages of the development prior to submission of the planning application to Westminster City Council, anticipated early summer 2015.  Next exhibition takes place on the following dates.  See details below:


Venue: Johnnie Walker Room, 1st Floor,  The Caledonian Club


Wednesday 13th May      4pm - 8pm*

Saturday 16th May                     12pm - 4pm

Monday 18th May             12pm - 4pm


* representatives from Grosvenor and members of the design team

  will be present between 7pm - 8pm


We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.  Feedback from the community will most be welcome.

Email: info@belgraviasociety.org on any of the issues mentioned above or if you have anything you would like us to discuss at the next meeting.



Minutes from meeting 1





TUESDAY 31 MARCH 2015 – 6:30 PM


 ‘The Team’ consisting of Representatives from the

Grosvenor, Hong Kong Shanghai Hotels, Hopkins Architects, Soundings

Community Liaison Group (CLG) - Motcomb Street Traders Association, Belgravia Forum, Belgravia Society, The Lanesborough Hotel,

 Caledonian Club


Photographs courtesy of Grosvenor Consultation website

 After introductions we settled down to the business in hand, with an update on the design project from Mike Taylor (Hopkins Architects).


The Proposal

The project involves demolishing the existing 1950s/1960s building and replacing it with a luxury hotel, retail, and residential apartments, creating a landmark for Belgravia and surrounding area.  There will be a consultation prior to submission of the planning application to Westminster City Council, anticipated to be early summer 2015.  Continued feedback from the community is welcome and will be actively taken into consideration.


There is over 300 years of history connected to this landmark location.  The Architects have worked with Grosvenor on a number of projects including Elizabeth and Mount Streets.  The Hong Kong And Shanghai Hotel Group has identified Grosvenor Place as the right location for long term investment and for engaging with local life.  Other hotels are located strategically around the world,  the original residing in Hong Kong and the most recent opening in Paris (2014).  The plan for this luxury hotel group is one hotel per city in a central and prestigious location. 


Mike Taylor commented that  “the location is incredible and special due to distinguished neighbours, such as Apsley House; central and convenient transport links to other landmark locations in London and around the country such as Olympia and Glyndebourne”. 


The meeting moved on to discuss the following topics:-



·         Circa 1700, 300 years prior to the present, the site was rural


·         Circa 1813, There was substantial urbanization


·         Circa 1864-69, Thomas Cundy III redeveloped the site


·         Circa 1939-45, Site suffered from bomb damage


·         Circa 1958 -1969, Modern commercial buildings built on the site


Mix of Uses

The mix of uses will consist of a 5* Hotel (consisting of up to 200 bedrooms), retail and residential apartments surrounding a ‘Palazzo’ style courtyard.


·         Four square development surrounding a central courtyard


·         Development needs to live / blend comfortably with its surroundings and neighbours


·         Services - mixture of below and above ground


·         Entrances and off street – lorries turning into courtyard need to be investigated due to very tight entrances and obstructions on Grosvenor Crescent.  A suggestion was made about getting as much as possible below ground and out of the sight / and away from residents and hotel guests


·         Retail and pedestrian entrances.  Engage with Transport for London (Tfl) regarding underground passage improvements


·         Colonnade with luxury shops to flow down the building towards Victoria (similar to the Ritz)


·         Pavement improvements and tree planting


Questions and Answer Session: Belgravia Society (BS)/ Motcomb Street Traders (MT)/ Belgravia Forum (BF)


·       Retail and pedestrian entrances all need to be given thorough scrutiny on how they impact on the area.  Lorries turning into courtyard from Grosvenor Crescent and the back streets.  This was commented on by all present


·       Services need thorough investigation both above and below ground, what is feasible and with the least disruption to surrounding neighbours – these comments were put forward by Helene Oratore (BF)


·         Scale issue - heights and scale of buildings queried by SD (BS)


·       Scale and height - decreased by a story to bring in line with the current building.  Suggestion by SD (BS)


·       Scale and height decrease.  Architects suggested this may interfere with the aesthetics of the building but agreed to take

this issue into consideration


·       Retail impact on nearby Motcomb Street needs to be thoroughly investigated.   Comments by Phillip Lawless (MT)


·       Traffic flow impact needs to be studied to avoid rat running in and around Belgravia, also commented on by PL and HO.  This will be over a period of 4 years of construction work and after it is completed


·       Development will take approximately 4 years to complete, however it is early days.  This question was asked by Barbara Pederson (BS)


·       Holistic approach – question asked by Sara Oliver (BS) on whether the project will be conducive to wild life and how?


·       Grosvenor and Westminster have a strict environmental policy, which must be adhered to.  The developers are keen to learn on how they can encourage eco - friendly environmental impact by tree planting  window boxes / greenery.  They are open to ideas and will take into consideration all suggestions on conservation improvement


·         Mark Curry reported that there has been liaison through the appropriate channels with the Palace and that this is ongoing. These are confidential in nature - so we are not at liberty to say that the royal household approves the scheme!


·         Following the first stage of consultation events, feedback from attendees was mostly positive toward the redevelopment although it was acknowledged that it needs to be very sensitively addressed and each stage of the process closely monitored, ironing out all potential pitfalls as they arise 


·         Building consideration - pollution and possible impact of construction work needs to be constantly monitored and kept to a minimum Investigate the best way to move forward.  All this will be continuously discussed as meetings progress with CLG and the community


‘The Team’ are working with Westminster to stage the next exhibition at the Caledonian Club for the community to see planning documents.   We look forward with interest to the next meeting planned for May 14, 2015.  However this needs to be confirmed.





If you are interested in obtaining further information about this proposal or want to get involved in the consultation then please email:




We are also interested to hear your views on the above article and ask for your feedback on any of the issues mentioned.   Thank you.


Our email info@belgraviasociety.org

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