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  Crossrail 2


December 2015

Update on Crossrail 2


As you know Crossrail 2 will provide a new railway line serving London and the south-east linking Surrey to Hertfordshire by central London destinations and a new station is proposed in Victoria. If finance is available, this is due to open in 2030.

NetworkRail, Transport for London and Londonís Mayor (Stakeholder Authorities) have started a new consultation. This is the second this year and will finish on 8th January 2016. There have been local consultations with exhibitions and people to answer questions at various venues. You can access a great deal more detail at the Crossrail2 www.crossrail2.co.uk

We at the Belgravia Society are working closely with our neighbours, Ebury Street members and throughout Belgravia, to inform our response to the consultation. Our work at this stage is to seek modification of the plans where necessary, while we are in the very early stages of the design process. This is a lesson learnt in Crossrail 1 by the Stakeholder Authorities so that they can avoid some of the errors made previously where damage to local residents and communities had not been taken into account.

We are also working closely with, and have representation on, the Victoria Interchange Group (VIG). This group tirelessly fought some of the worst aspects of the new development in Victoria Street and represented the community to ensure minimum disruption and maximum information for the local community. To this end, it represents the community on the statutory Community Liaison Group, set up for the purposes of monitoring the work of the Victoria Station Upgrade and ensuring action was taken to remedy many problems arising. It fought to have proper crossings in Victoria Street, community information and proper signage to help pedestrians whether locals, commuters or tourists. At present, there is a possibility that the zebra crossing in Victoria Street to the Cathedral Piazza might be removed. For those of you who wish to see it stay, please write to your local Councillors as it is WCC which will take the final decision. VIG will now turn its attention to the impact of Crossrail 2 and make representations in addition as part of the current consultation process.

As well as engaging with VIG, naturally, there are many things which concern us and we will also be making our own representations on behalf of Belgravia. We will be serving on the community liaison group which is being established to provide consultations  and feedback from community organisations.

We are concerned about the pedestrians flowing too and from the proposed new station entrance (mentioned below). One access point to Buckingham Palace Road for the local residents is Phipps Mews and may well disappear into the surface working area and be lost for good. We are also concerned about access to the rear of buildings, which are immediately adjacent to the station work site, and, of course, the future of the work sites at the end of the development. We have concerns about the station entrance proposed where the Ebury Gate building now stands and the future of the sites when no longer required as part of the construction.

We are campaigning with the Stakeholder Authorities to try and procure some land adjacent to the St Peters Eaton Square primary school for a proper school playground. It is our hope that some land can be released to the school at an early stage. It would make a huge difference to the school, but we do not think it will compromise the work site.

It is most important for you to look at the proposals and make your comments so that we and the Stakeholder Authorities can be fully informed as to how you feel about Crossrail 2 and the specific plans they are now consulting on. We have reproduced the plan below showing the work sites (by kind permission of the Stakeholder Authorities). The key is most helpful so that you understand where the work sites are, where the new station entrances are likely to be, where the existing station entrances are and also where the ventilation shafts will be. (They will provide ventilation outlets and emergency access stairs and passages to and from the station platforms.) The ventilation shafts can be incorporated into a building when completed either into a larger building or have specific ones designed for the purpose. Some have been designed to replicate this architecture of the surrounding area.

It is now vital for you to respond to the consultation. You can do this either direct, or through us and we will be including your observations and views in our response to the consultation. If we do not make points now, it may not be possible to change a more advanced plan later.

By the time you read this, we will know whether the timetable starting in 2020 can be met. The Chancellorís Autumn Statement will tell us whether funds will be available which are needed for the plans to proceed now. If funds are made available then the timetable will be met. If the funds are not made available then the timetable will be put back. Hopefully, we will be able to include a stop press so you will know the outcome.


It seems The Chancellor will provide the funds for the next stage of Crossrail 2

to progress. On this basis work will start in 2020