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Members of The Belgravia Society committee and other bodies meet with our ward Sergeant, his officers and PCSO's on a regular basis to discuss local policing matters. We propose their priorities for the following period and consider matters brought to the table from our members.

If you are a Belgravia Society member and have any issues regarding crime or local Policing please send them to info@BelgraviaSociety.org

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Crime matters  …


At our Committee meeting on 28th April we were pleased to welcome PC Eric Kirton and PCSO Paul Stratford to update us on crime in Belgravia.


P C Kirton reported that on the whole Belgravia is a relatively safe area. Vehicle crime is a problem. Most of it is directed at workmen’s vans where the criminals are stealing tools. However, theft of high value vehicles is on the increase. This is done by jamming electronic fobs used to lock cars. A potential thief watches a high value vehicle and as the owner uses the fob to lock it, the thief jams it with their own device. The owner thinks the vehicle is locked, but it is not. The thief is then able to drive it away quickly and it will end up in a container being shipped abroad for re-sale. The Police recommend the use of crook locks. They can be “picked” but it takes longer and the thief is more likely to look elsewhere.


There are also burglaries. Most are opportunist. People do not lock up properly or leave windows open. Residents need to be vigilant. Chester Square, Eaton Square, Chester Row and the back of Wilton Mews seem to be particularly targeted. All residents need to be careful in making sure they follow security procedures as well as being vigilant.


There has been a reduction in the numbers of police dogs. PC Kirton also mentioned the problem of beggars and foreign nationals and anti-social behaviour. He explained the problems of limited powers in dealing with the problem.


Alan Cook, one of our Vice Chairman and Committee member referred to the new nuisance of riders of high powered motorcycles. They are driven at speed, at unsocial hours and the sound reducing exhausts have been removed to exaggerate the noise. In one case, residents had managed to get the registration number of one such motor bicycle and the owner had received a formal Police warning. If you see any of these motorcycles, please note the time, date, place and if possible the registration number. Please email us at info@belgraviasociety.org so it can be followed through and this nuisance and danger can be eliminated from our streets.


Alan Cook and Simon Davie continue to attend Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Panel (Safer Neighbourhood Panel). This is chaired by Frances Blois, who is an Honorary Alderman of the City of Westminster having Mayor of the City of Westminster and served as a Councillor for Knightsbridge and Belgravia Ward for over 20 years. You will find the Minutes of the last meetings elsewhere on the website.


If you have any matters of concern please email us on the email address shown above and our representatives can raise these issues and report back to you.


Metropolitan Police information


PC Kirton gave us a map showing crime in and around south Belgravia and we reproduce it here for your information. He also reminded us that there is a great deal of information about crime statistics on the Metropolitan Police website. So that you can see the relevant pages easily, here are the links:


Westminster – the whole borough



Belgravia Ward (also includes Knightsbridge) *



Churchill Ward * Part of Belgravia is in this Ward            http://www.met.police.uk/crimefigures/datatable.php?ward=e05000633&borough=cw&period=year 


Warwick Ward * Part of Belgravia is in this Ward –



*The boundaries of Belgravia, as we know it, are not matched by the local authority wards. Crime statistics are kept ward by ward. Most of Belgravia is in the Ward of Belgravia and Knightsbridge. However, the small parts of Belgravia south of Ebury Street and north of Buckingham Palace Road are divided between Warwick Ward and Churchill Ward. Local authority boundaries are often out of kilter with their communities and are decided by the number of electors to try to make sure the wards have more or less equal number of electors