The Belgravia Society

Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Panel


Meeting 28 - Wednesday 14th April 2015


Frances Blois               Chairman

Christopher Kaye        Imperial College Union

Alan Cook                   The Belgravia Society

Simon Davie                Eaton Square residents

Phil Ashleigh               Westminster Synagogue

Noel Nagle                  Jay Mews NHW

Ian Rawlings                SNT Inspector

Gary Herrett                 SNT Sgt

Zack Slaney                  SNT dedicated ward officer

John O’Donovan          SNT leaving dedicated ward officer

Eric Kirton                    SNT joining dedicated ward officer


Kate White                  Belgravia Magazine

Madeline Elsdon         Knightsbridge Association

Paul King                    Crime Red Officer  WCC

Matters arising from  previous minutes

Any matters arising were dealt with under the Agenda except the following;

NN the NHW sign issue was highlighted with the new NHW signage trials within our and other local SNT area within WCC. The NHW Association Group invites coordinators to attend every quarter.

APS Clemence is the NHW coordinator for the south cluster with a view to relaunching/coordinating the scheme.

55-91 Knightsbridge (rear of Kinnerton Street) was mentioned in respect of the impending structural demolition and works taking place and the DWO attending the meetings with residents when they soon begin

Law and order reports

The map displayed shows the main issues. 

Thefts from motor vehicles were the obvious problem from the stats. The map showed thefts around the area of the Chester’s and the Eaton’s. There were no specific times or days in the south and could be anywhere in a 24 hr cycle.

 The theft of motor vehicles was mentioned and the use of the trusty crook locks for maintaining security of the vehicles when parked. This had had a positive impact on thefts of high value vehicles in the Knightsbridge and Kensington areas.

 Fraud was also mentioned in respect of courier and bank fraud.

 The Homeless issue in respect of Eastern Europeans was mentioned and the use of the S35 Dispersal Orders around Belgravia and Kensington areas. It was agreed the problem was still evident but better than at the last meeting.

Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Team Priorities

Theft from Person


Theft of/Theft from motor vehicle

Any other business

The PS role on the team was being filled by APS Paul Connolly on a temporary basis. PC O’Donovan was being replaced by PC Eric Kirton who is already spent 18 months on the team as a cluster officer.

NN/SD The theft stats format were discussed again along with the JPEG copy of the K+B crime map.

PA mentioned the DNA marking in his local area and the success there had been in this respect with local marking of resident’s property.

IR mentioned the use of the ‘Mosquito’ around the areas the homeless sleep. AC thought this might not work

AC mentioned the Wilton Street access to residents with a gate controlled by key pad. This was as a direct result of a few burglaries in the area where access had been gained above the ground floor. A gated area for another venue had been agreed by Grosvenor previously.