The Belgravia Society

Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Panel


Meeting 29 - Tuesday 14th July 2015


Frances Blois               Chairman

Alan Cook                   The Belgravia Society

Madeline Elsdon          Knightsbridge Association

Noel Nagle                  Jay Mews NHW

Phil Ashleigh                Westminster Synagogue

Gareth Howard             SNT Sgt

Eric Kirton                    SNT Dedicated Ward Officer


Christopher Kaye         Imperial College Union

Ian Rawlings                SNT Inspector

Simon Davie                Eaton Square residents

Matters arising from  previous minutes

NN mentioned that NW have received new signs for a trial period to be used at 4 separate sites.

FB stated that Westminster Council seem to have washed their hands of Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

GH has contacts at Westminster Council in regards the NW scheme and contacts to be added to these minutes.


Law and order reports

The map displayed shows the main issues. 

Thefts from motor vehicles were the obvious problem from the stats. The map showed thefts around the area of the Royal Albert Hall to be the prevalent area in the Ward.  ME brought up the possibility of notifying people visiting the RAH and parking their cars in the area.  FB brought up the possibility of using the tickets issued by RAH to highlight the fact of locking their vehicles and making sure nothing valuable left on show.  PA mentioned the lack of CCTV coverage around the RAH being an issue that needs to be addressed.

1930 -2200 hours seemed to be the peak time of M/V offences around the RAH. 

GH mentioned Op Venice and Op Cubo in regards countering M/V crime in the area.

 Burgalries discussed and agreed that the Ward hadn’t done too bad in regards burglaries and the fact that a good reduction had been made in regards burglary on the Ward.  EK informed the Panel about Smartwater being rolled out throughout Westminster in next 3 years.

 Theft person was discussed and the fact that Brompton Road was still a problem area.  GH mentioned Op Endo which was tackling the problem of theft person, and was hoping to get extra resources to the area to combat the theft problem.

 ASB on the Ward was discussed and the problem of rough sleepers was still an issue.  GH mentioned Op Encompass and what had been done to try and eradicate the problem around Hyde Park Corner and other hot spot areas.  All agreed that there have been less beggars and rough sleepers seen in the area over last few months in comparison to previous months.

 ME brought up the issue of supercars and the ASB problems they bring to the area.  GH informed Panel of Community Protection Orders and gaining Impact Statements from people that have been affected by these supercars due to needing enough evidence to highlight the fact that a problem exists.  GH mentioned that 10/11 July there was a campaign to educate people and users of supercars in regards the noise and other problems caused by supercars.  ME mentioned that 25/26/27 July was when the supercars became a problems and asked about possibility of speed camera Op being conducted.

Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Team Priorities

Theft from Person


Theft of/Theft from motor vehicle

Fraud awareness/ illegal cycling/ASB

Any other business

PA thanked team for the crime statistics pack and asked about the possibility of a “drop box” where Panel could log into to see the stats prior to meeting.

FB asked for MOPAC 7 states to be sent to Panel members on a monthly basis.

ME asked about the possibility of getting new members to the Ward Panel.