The Belgravia Society

Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Panel


Meeting 30 - 24th November 2015


Frances Blois                 Chairman
Madeline Elsdon             Knightsbridge Association
Alan Cook                     The Belgravia Society
Phil Ashleigh                 Westminster Synagogue
Obiora Onyechi             Neighborhood Problem Solver WCC


Gareth Howard             SNT Sgt
Eric Kirton                    SNT Dedicated Ward Officer


Noel Nagle                    Jay Mews NWS
Ian Rawlings                  SNT Inspector
Simon Davie                  Eaton Square residents

Matters arising from  previous minutes

ME asked about the speed camera operation that had previously been planned. GH informed members that unfortunately, due to cost of running the operation, the operation did not go ahead. ME pointed out that there could be possible funding from local council for future planned operations. Supercars were again mention and GH informed Ward Members about the lack of an evidence base and community impact statements in regards this matter and the fact that the main problem seems to be in K&C.

Law and order reports

The maps displayed show the main issues.

Theft from motor vehicle is still the main problem on the Ward, however, this has decreased quite significantly from previous months. The main focus of these crimes seems to have moved away from Kensington Gore and more around the Trevor Square, Montpellier Square areas. GH explained the operations that have been carried out in order to reduce these type of crimes

Theft of motor vehicle has also been reduced, with only a handful of these types of crime being reported on the Ward. Range Rovers are still the criminals choice of vehicle to steal.

Also a good reduction in burglaries seen on the Ward.

GH explained the operations that are planned over the festive period, including theft person operation on the Brompton Road, which is still the main problem area in regards theft crimes.

GH and OO explained the procedures around dispersal orders and CPN’s in regards beggars and rough sleepers.

Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Team Priorities

Theft from Person


Theft of/Theft from motor vehicle

Fraud awareness/ illegal cycling/ASB

Any other business

Cycling on the pavement was mentioned. EK explained that police will deal with these crimes if we see them, mostly by educating cyclists rather than fining them as most of the cyclists are tourists and unaware of cycle laws.
The Open Safer Neighborhood Board was mentioned and is taking place on 7th December.
Police Carol Service was mentioned and is taking place on 17th December 2015.
ME asked about the possibility of getting new members to the Ward Panel. EK informed Ward Members that we area actively seeking new members.