The Belgravia Society

Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Panel


Meeting 31 - 9th February 2016


Frances Blois            Chairman
Alan Cook                The Belgravia Society
Phil Ashleigh            Westminster Synagogue
Obiora Onyechi        Neighborhood Problem Solver WCC

Gareth Howard        SNT Sgt
Eric Kirton               SNT Dedicated Ward Officer
Paul Connolly           SNT A/PS
Alex Kaye                SNT PC
Ian Johnstone           SNT PC
Taryn Evans             SNT PC


Noel Nagle               Jay Mews NWS
Ian Rawlings             SNT Inspector
Simon Davie             Eaton Square residents
Madeline Elsdon        Knightsbridge Association

Matters arising from  previous minutes

FB raised the matter of the Supercars from previous meeting. GH explained the new legislation around ASB in regards the Supercars and the tickets that the Council can issue. GH reiterated about the use of the 101 system in reporting anti anti-social behaviour around the supercars.

Law and order reports

The maps displayed show the main issues.

Theft from motor vehicle is still the main problem on the Ward, however, this has decreased quite significantly in January 2016 from previous months. The main focus of these crimes seems to have moved away from Kensington Gore and more around the Trevor Square, Montpellier Square, Rutland Gate areas. GH explained the operations that have been carried out in order to reduce these type of crimes

PC explained that he was taking on the problem of m/v crime as a project and is currently collecting data around times and areas that are currently at risk and will hopefully try and tackle the problem at the soonest opportunity.

GH spoke about the problem around coffee shop chains NOT engaging with the Police in regards crime prevention offered and it is these chains where most of the theft person type crimes are occurring.

Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Team Priorities

Theft from Person


Theft of/Theft from motor vehicle

Fraud awareness/ illegal cycling/ASB

Any other business

EK explained about the trying to set up further Neighbourhood Watch Schemes around the K&B area. AC spoke about the possibility of The Belgravia Society taking on a more active role in regards NWS and would speak to current members at next meeting in regards this. AC asked OO to send him a NWS pack to see what’s involved.