The Belgravia Society

'BANME' - Belgravia Against Noisy Modified Exhausts

  Following on from the very successful super-car campaign by the Police that addressed not only the high number of vehicles that were uninsured but also the unsatisfactory manner in which they were driven, The Belgravia Society has now instigated a campaign to rid Belgravia of the vehicles that have had their exhaust systems highly modified. We are not referring to the many loud cars and bikes that cause a nuisance, but the very small percentage that are loud enough too cause alarm and distress to the public and residents . The volume of noise from these vehicles is at a level where it can physically set off the alarms of parked cars. They are a small minority of road users but they effect the quality of life of a large number of both residents and the general public. One of the most annoying aspects is that these riders actually wear ear plugs to protect there own hearing from the noise of their bikes. During the night, they can wake whole streets. During the day, shift workers, babies, young children and those suffering medical issues who require sleep during the day all suffer at the hands of these people.

We have already received numerous such complaints. If our members experience problems with these vehicles, we are asking you to report as many of the following details below, so we can create a database to forward onto the Police. Smart phones are a good tool for recording these details.

The number plate, make, model, colour, date, time and location.

Email these to info@BelgraviaSociety.org


Once reported the owners are given a warning, if they persist in causing distress or alarm they may have their vehicle confiscated.