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April 2015



Latest update 16th April

The City Inspector Knightsbridge & Belgravia

We have now had a response from Ravi Kumar regarding the outcome of the raised Bay outside Baker & Spice and his comments are below.

 Just to let you know that with the lack of signage the raised pavement will be treated as a footway.”   

 Residents, Retailers and Shoppers please be aware of the possible ramifications of this latest development.


The obscure parking situation in Elizabeth Street may finally be resolved and the Belgravia Society will keep you informed of the outcome.  Since it was built, there has been an anomaly regarding a bay outside Baker & Spice, as to how it should actually be used.  This was reported by the Belgravia Society to Ravi Kumar, City Inspector for Knightsbridge and Belgravia, who then looked into it.

 It was thought the intended purpose of the bay when constructed, was for delivery vehicles and not free parking.  However, there were no indications as to what was allowed and vehicles have been parking with out charge

ever since.  This in turn, has obstructed the view on Elizabeth Street for those enjoying a respite both inside and outside the café.   

 Ravi recently met with the Traffic Marshals and discussed the issue. 

The reason the Marshals were unable to enforce parking restrictions was due to lack of clear signage. Ravi mentioned, they have since reported the matter to the relevant authorities.

 The bay has been in place since the refurbishment of Elizabeth Street over 4 years ago.



The BS are keen to know the views and concerns of residents and retailers on the above article