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Underground London (Underline)
A way to reduce Carbon Footprint
March 20th 2015

Photograph taken from de zeen magazine online

Imagine the idea of riding down a labyrinth under London,  as you enter a time capsule, engaging in the past, present, future.   You swiftly arrive at your destination having just reduced your carbon footprint,  defined as "the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person."[1] ....


 In view of super cycle highways, Conservation Watch would like to draw attention to one exciting subterranean proposal by Gensler.

 Reasons we like this particular proposal and why it should be given serious consideration.

        Dubbed ĎUnderlineí, the project would turn Londonís abandoned tube tunnels into living streets beneath the city

       Reinstate historic stretches of redundant networks such as the defunct branch of the Piccadilly Line that runs beneath Kingsway, from Holborn to long abandoned Aldwych station.  Another longer artery from Green Park to Charing Cross, snakes along what was the final leg of the Jubilee Line before its eastern extension opened in 1999.  These are the two stretches Gensler has a serious eye on, however other possibilities include a stretch of vacant tunnel at Goodge Street and Stockwell.  An example being remnants of a bizarre second world war plan to connect deep bomb shelters into an express connection running parallel with the Northern Line

       Bring together a connection with past and present engineering.  A sense that London workman of the past, whose blood, sweat and toil, will not have dug these unused tunnels in vain

       Footfall and bicycles can generate own electricity via kinetic paving.  This could help make the project more financially viable

       Less cluttered street furniture, such as cycle skyways snaking high over London streets with all the paraphernalia connected

       Reduces carbon footprint and eases traffic congestion

        Prevent pollution caused by misplaced traffic rat running in residential streets, (Belgravia included) as cycle lanes take up valuable driving space above ground.  This situation could be addressed

       Safe, fun to use and a tourist attraction Ė murals, bright lighting, art and sponsorship of cycling stations by interested parties to make the project even more enticing  

       May become another collective historic landmark.  Only London can do this with its sense of history and infrastructure which already exists

  There will naturally be arguments as to whether the above project will be practical.   We think itís a great idea and definitely worth consideration. 

 Read all about Genslerís proposal / project and to see a remarkable video. 

Visit the following Link here theguardian.com - http://gu.com/p/45gkd/sbl

 Also de zeen magazine  - here




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