Traffic & Parking in Belgravia.

 For months nothing has been done to alleviate the problem of large scale suspensions of residents parking bays in Belgravia. It is very annoying not being able to park outside or even near your home because bays have been suspended. One solution is for resident parking permit holders to be permitted to park on single yellow lines when more than 10% of parking bays are under suspension within a limited area.

The key note here is fairness to residents. Whilst many of the resident parking bays have been widened, the work, particularly in the north of Belgravia is still unfinished. This must be addressed.

 Vehicles with Foreign number plates parking on resident parking bays must be towed away or clamped. Recently 2 vans displaying French number plates from Normandy parked illegally in residents bays. One of the vans, which had left its rear flap down, inflicted serious damage to a resident's car whilst attempting to park. The matter was reported to the police, but they proved powerless to act. Westminster City Council were informed and issued penalty notices. Although the Council official said that non-payment would be followed up by the bailiff he could not assure the resident that the bailiff would go to Normandy to enforce payment. It seems rather a waste of time and paperwork to issue parking tickets to foreign registered vehicles, as there is little or no chance of recovering the fines. This sort of incident can be prevented if offending vehicles are clamped or towed away and those recovering them being required to pay all fines and charges before doing so.

 There are still ruts and potholes in our streets. Funds must be found to address this problem forthwith.

 The pavements at the eastern section of Ebury Street (from Elizabeth Street to Eccleston Place in particular) are in a poor state of repair and could cause serious injury. This has been raised over the last five years but no real action has yet been taken.

 The Belgravia Society will pursue these matters on behalf of the community. If you have any comments please email them to info@belgraviasociety.org